Wednesday, April 2, 2008

O, pioneers!

Yesterday was the second week of the Shakespeare Workshop for The Taming of the Shrew and it went very well, I thought. What went even weller, in my opinion, was the fact that Michelle asked us to go ahead and stay at her house until it was time for the girls and I to leave to pick up my husband at work, which was going to be about four hours. Isn't she lovely and brave?

Well, we had an excellent time. Her girls and my girls really enjoy one another's company and Michelle and I sat and talked while young William snoozed on Michelle's lap and Dom larked around the house playing the kind of interior Spider Man games that little boys play.

Meelyn, Aisling and I left their house slightly late, but we were really close to my husband -- or we would have been, if I hadn't been dismayingly sidetracked by a closed road. This led the trusty minivan on a chase down the interstate to the next exit where we picked up a state road that led us to the little town where he works at a car dealership.

As it turns out, if I'd had my head about me, he was only about twelve minutes from Michelle's house, but I somehow turned it into a high-speed, slightly hysterical, half-hour jaunt that brought us screeching into the parking lot fifteen minutes late, to see my husband standing with a look like a deer in headlights, obviously wondering if we were hopelessly lost in the wilds of Hamilton County, perhaps swatting at hungry bears with our sunbonnets and opening negotiations with the Indians to trade our vehicle for a birch bark canoe.

So today, we dropped him off with goodbye kisses and cries of "have a nice day!" and went to explore the area. To my amazement, I found that this little town that I thought was out in the middle of nowhere is actually part and parcel of the very part of Fishers and Indianapolis that my girls and so frequently haunt as our homeschooling activities take us to the area. That was a nice surprise. He's only about ten minutes away from our church.

All this is leading me to think how nice it would be, once we see if this job is going to work out as we hope and think it will, to move to this area and cut down on our homeschool driving. We'd all be so much closer to our friends and our church and all the stuff we do. What a happy thought!


Kbg said...

Oh, we agree...what a happy thought! Keeping my fingers crossed.....

Kimlarie said...

We second that and we have several for sale in our neighborhood. (smile)