Monday, July 12, 2010

The summery nature of June, July and August

I usually write about four or five blog posts per week, because this blog is primarily a record of our lives -- I know! It really is mesmerizing, isn't it? -- and how will there be any record if I never write anything? This is easy in the winter, although I admit that the subject matter can be strained: Monday -- very cold, with a chance of more coldness later; Tuesday -- somewhere beyond cold, so I'm turning the thermostat up; Wednesday -- So frikking cold, even a belt of Kahlua in my hot chocolate can't even cheer get the idea.

But in summer, it's hard to write because of what you see in that picture: the swim club. I took that shot from my seat on a bench on which I have a comfy non-inflatable mattress that can also double as a pool float, two large beach towels, a little flat-topped cooler that holds cans of Diet Coke and doubles as a side table and a bag full of sunscreen, books, books and other books, all of which I'm reading simultaneously as the mood takes me. With a generous basting with SPF30, my huge sunglasses and the Mom Hat, I'm ready to spend the afternoon in complete bliss.

Which we have been doing, which is why I've missed an entire week of writing, except for today. The sky outside is grey and lowering and a familiar pain across my face tells me that I'd better take some ibuprofen right now or I'll regret it sooner rather than later. Whooops....there's some thunder right now. No pool today, so maybe I should write about ten blog posts instead? Hmm...

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Kayte said...

Ah, summer...I have been a total bum as well. I am storing all this up for the winter months. Or at least trying to.