Saturday, April 21, 2007

Happy Birthday, Kayte!

I want to wish a very happy birthday (I won't say which one) (although she doesn't really seem to mind about that sort of thing) to my friend Kayte from the homeschool group.

Kayte is the mother of two delightful almost-15-year-old sons, one who makes me swoon because he's so handsome and sweet and has perfect pitch and big brown eyes and the other who makes me laugh because he does the most outrageously funny things, like dipping hotdogs straight into the bottle of barbecue sauce before grilling.

She's the wife of a "fancy lawyer" (not the same thing as a "fancy woman," see post "Beyond B.S." for further clarification) and the person who got me started on the endlessly amusing hobby of scrapbooking, as well as being one of eleven children from a farm family in Iowa. She also bugged me almost daily for an entire week about starting a blog. I folded like a cheap shirt.

Kayte's one of those gourmet-type cooks who makes me wish to hide the fact that I sometimes serve Kraft Macaroni and Cheese to my family, although whenever I think of Kayte while doing this, I automatically make myself call it nouilles et fromage en casserole. I comfort myself with the fact that it's the fromage-iest.

She has a cute blog called Grandma's Kitchen Table over at Typepad with some recipes and funny stories about her boys. Click on the link and pay her a visit!

(But don't offer her any chocolate. She hates it.)


Kbg said...

Very amusing, Shelley...I love have my life summed up in such a clever way...I may have to rethink several of those bits in my bio...LOL. Now, when is your birthday????

Kbg said...

Sorry about the typo in my last comment..."having," not "have"...hit the send button too soon while accomplishing about five tasks at once...and KNEW you would send the Grammar/Spelling/Typing Police after me asap!