Wednesday, April 25, 2007

PRODUCT REVIEW: Flexitol Heel Balm

Okay, so this really isn't an elegant cosmetic product, like that really delicious, smooth-as-silk translucent loose powder by Elizabeth Arden (which, due to finances beyond my control, I have only been able to use for a brief, shining period in my life, before I was married and had to start worrying about things like electric bills and whose toes were pressing against the ends of her sneakers), but it is a really useful one.

On the one hand, I really like wearing sandals. On the other hand, I feel a little bit delicate about exposing the innocent citizenry to my feet, which have been living all winter inside thick socks and mucky slippers, innocent of pumice stone or polished toenails. That's where the Flexitol Heel Balm comes it. It can take the most callused, cracked and dry-skinned feet and restore them to sandal-worthiness in just a matter of days. No matter how bad your feet are -- and my feet have been b-a-d -- Flexitol Heel Balm will help.

So far, this blog is only being read by about four people who are reading just to humor me, but seriously, I wish this could be a public service announcement. There are some people out there -- women, even! -- going around exposing their ugly-looking dogs, in dire need of Flexitol Heel Balm and not even knowing it. It's really sad, folks. I can't blame the men, because they were cursed by nature with jacked-up feet, but women (and I believe this strongly) have a duty to tend to their feet if they're going to go around wearing sandals. No one wants to see great big yellow toenails that look like pieces of swiss cheese stuck to the ends of your toes, and nobody wants to see a lady's heels with fissures that look as deep as the one Gandalf fell into in The Fellowship of the Ring. Get some Flexitol on those things and stop torturing the rest of us! And polish! Sheesh!

For anyone who hasn't used this before, let me just frankly tell you that it looks like snot - the kind of snot you have when you have a really bad sinus infection. And it doesn't smell very good either. I think the Flexitol people know they have a wicked good product and thus know that they don't have to dress it up to suit our finer sensibilities, nurtured so graciously at the Elizabeth Arden counter. Rough feet or smooth feet. Take 'em or leave 'em.

I'll take them, with a little coral-pink nail polish as well. I have some really cute new sandals and want to do them justice.

Flexitol Heel Balm costs somewhere around $7.99-$11.99, depending on where you buy it and on what size the tube is. You can purchase it at the usual suspects: Meijer, Target, Wal-Mart, Walgreen's & CVS. It can be found where foot products are sold. Please don't ask for it at the Elizabeth Arden counter. The salesgirls will only mock you with their perfectly groomed eyebrows.


Kbg said...

I am thinking, and it just might be me, that if you are going to do a product review and submit your suggestions to the Flexitol people, you might want to work on checking that Thesaurus on your desk for some words to fill in for the "snot" and "smell" portion of your recent submission, although it was graphically on the money...the rest of it reads pretty good...and I agree, ladies, have a heart...cream and polish is a must for summer! I am learning the most interesting bits from this writing of yours....

Kbg said...

Shelley, of course, knows that I have a very dry sense of humor and my previous post on this was meant in fun...the other three current readers of this site might think I was chastising Shelley for her use of snot and smell...not so, just humorously thinking she is a riot to read...LOL.

Lilly said...

Try Avon's Footworks Cracked Heel Cream. Smells lovely and looks like the creamy indulgence it is. It works, too. It's only $4.99, but you can always wait for a sale with Avon (now, for instance, it's two for $6.99). Go to Quickly!

Nicky said...

Thanks for the info! I bought some today and started using tonight.. We will see what happens after about 2 weeks or so of this..

I loved reading this blog, made me laugh.

Polie said...

You're spot on - Flexitol is a genius product. Actually made from Urea beleieve it or not.
And how about that - some random bloke in London is INDEPENDANTLY reading your Blog.
So there!
Happy Friday.

Shelley said...

Thank you very much for stopping by and reading, Polie. I hope you'll come back and be a regular bloke, not just a random one. ;>)

Nissa Quill said...

I had to post- i found your blog while searching for results on flexitol heel balm which is currently transforming my hideous heels to be sandal worthy for my 20th high school reunion.

In addition to our love of flexitol (snot and smell not withstanding) I am also a Catholic, an insomniac, and a lover of "drowsy making cold medicine". I came into the church 2 years ago this Easter and I will be back to visit your blog!!!!