Monday, February 18, 2008

HAPPY MOVIES WEEK: The Wedding Planner

"You smell like sweet red plums and grilled cheese sandwiches."

That's the moment Mary, the wedding planner, knew it was for real, the minute that Steve tackled her to save her and her Gucci slingback from being plowed over by a runaway dumpster. The only problem is that Steve (Mr. Sweet-plums-and-grilled-cheese) is the fiance of Mary's biggest client, the one who's going to insure that she's made a partner in the business.

But she doesn't find that out until later, since grooms, as she puts it, are "N.I.D.s" -- Not Interested in Details. When she does find out, it explodes her orderly world of Scrabble, alphabetized lists and handy belt of bottled Evian water, tranquilizers, sewing implements and breath mints she conceals beneath the pastel suits she wears to each wedding she plans.

Mary and Steve keep getting thrown together because of the wedding plans in progress. The bride, Fran, makes them dance the tango together. They accidentally rip the willy right off a statue and engage in a mad scramble to reattach the limestone member. They visits various wedding venues together. Gradually, it comes out that Fran has a major case of cold feet, and one crazy motorbike ride later, right before Mary says "I do" to the man her traditional Italian papa fixes her up with, things all come together, as you imagine they might.

This is pure escapist fluff, witty and sweet and fun to watch. Especially because the delightfully handsome Matthew McConaughey plays Steve. And because just about every movie is better if Jennifer Lopez is in it.

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Kbg said...

I love this movie...just fun and cute and fluffy. Pure chick pleasure.