Saturday, February 16, 2008

This just in....

Kayte's son, the adorable Matt, is going to

STATE as a freshman

on his school's swim team!


Go, Matt, go!!!

(We just called and left a very loud message on their voice mail.)

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Kbg said...

Oh, isn't this cute that you gave Matt some free press like this, AND in the Guerin school colors! How nice was this! Thank you.

No one told me you left a message, loud or otherwise, so now I am going to have to hunt them down so they can push all the right buttons and I can hear it, too!

He swims Friday night, so if you are in need of extra penance this week for Lent, come on down and sit on the hard bleachers and breathe chlorine with us! And, if the girls need some Guerin spiritwear, we have plenty they can borrow!

Otherwise, I will see you soon elsewhere, and for sure at MNO.