Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Can you think of anything better?

Five o'clock is the time in the afternoon when my energy and patience are at their lowest possible ebb, which is possibly why five o'clock in the afternoon is the time when I want to take the dogs and the girls and dump them gently down the coal chute.

Which is why five o'clock in the afternoon is the perfect time for a small piece of homemade whole wheat bread cut thick, generously buttered and topped with lemon curd, served alongside a cup of Earl Grey tea.

I can't think of anything better. Well, unless it would be a couple of shortbread cookies topped with a teeny dollop of the aforementioned lemon curd, but I gave cookies up for Lent.

I now think I can soldier through until bedtime without the coal chute figuring into the evening's activities.

1 comment:

Kayte said...

I think you could put Lemon Curd on anything and I would eat it...LOL. Lemon Curd is a mighty fine thing.