Monday, November 8, 2010

This boy right here? TEN YEARS OLD.

We spent a very pleasant afternoon yesterday celebrating this boy's tenth birthday. I found out from Angie, my sister-in-law, that this child? He declines to have his name mentioned on Facebook, feeling that the internet is a gross invasion of his privacy. So I'm thinking that he probably wouldn't appreciate having his name mentioned here either, even though I've typed it here about a thousand times before. Shhh....let's just keep that between ourselves, okay? Whatever his name is, I can't believe he's already ten.

Anyway, the gift of choice for boys of this nameless child's age is something called "Beyblades," which seem to have something to do with spinning tops that compete by being spun together in a Beyblade Arena (our gift to Day....I mean, this kid) or alternately, a mixing bowl. Angie told us that since Beyblades have taken hold, she's had to go looking for all her mixing bowls down in the basement playroom at their house. Whichever top stops spinning first is the loser, and when I saw that there are about twenty different styles of spinning tops, a couple of different styles of launcher and other little doo-dads to make the Beyblade experience more delightful and invigorating, I am not exaggerating. I really enjoyed watching Pat and He Who Shall Not Be Named sitting on my parents' family room floor and engaging in a spirited competition that included a lot of trash-talking from the participants and encouraging noises from the spectators.

Happy birthday, Ten Year Old. Auntie loves you.

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