Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Supermarket OUCH

I have a certain amount of money allotted to our grocery budget every week, probably much like the rest of you do. I do shop at Aldi, which nets me some significant savings, buying what I can't get there at Kroger. I usually spend about $120 a week, and that includes food, toiletries, cleaning supplies and pet food.

Also like a lot of you, I've noticed lately that my $120 isn't going nearly as far as it used to even counting back to last summer. Prices have risen a LOT, and the things that have become more expensive are, as always, meat, milk and fresh fruits and veggies. Sometimes when I swipe my debit card at the cashier's stand, I wonder if it will suddenly shout "OUCH! YOU ARE KILLING ME! STOP IT! STOP IT RIGHT NOW!"

I am not a coupon clipper - sorting through all those messy little papers while a line forms behind me at the check-out is just not my thing. I buy name-brand NOTHING. I am constantly getting sidetracked by BOGO offers (Buy One, Get One Free), although I work very hard to stick to the list.

And I do use a list faithfully, planning out our meals for the week and the ingredients needed, plus planning what we'll want for breakfast and lunch. Since the bulk of my shopping comes from a discount grocery, I'm not sure where else I can save, or even if I want to: we've had to make a good many sacrifices in the past few years due to recession woes and our food is something that I'm just unwilling to compromise on.

Feeding a family is one of those things that's hard beyond the shopping, preparing and the serving. The paying is a real pain.


Whosyergurl said...

I'm right there with you, Shelly. I cringe when they hit the total button. And when I carry out a bag...one bag that totals $42.67...I'm walking out of the store reading my receipt, unable to accept that a few items cost that much!
Hang in there! Cheryl

Amy said...

I know. I hate looking at my kids like "don't you dare eat that" but when groceries cost what they do, sometimes the evil eye does appear.

Kayte said...

I hear you...I have taken to adding another side to fill up the guys, something like carrots BOGOF or pasta for a buck. And going out to eat? Forget it...I cannot remember the last time we all went out to eat. Mark takes his lunch, Matt takes his lunch, I take my lunch. I did splurge and go out with KW last week but even that was a fairly long time coming. Prices are going to get worse, not better, is what I hear. Yikes.