Wednesday, May 25, 2011

PSA from a deep, dark brunette

This is a new hair color from John Frieda. I purchased the color called "Natural Medium Brown" in an attempt to stem the great grey tide that is overtaking my head, and let me say right here, thank you, recession, for making my life so vivid and full of new experiences, like coloring my own hair. Because without you, I never would have had the chance to try out this new foam hair color (messy, awkward; it's so much easier to use the L'Oreal or Ion from Sally's Beauty Supply, both of which have point-and-shoot applicators) and also to TURN MY HAIR BLACK.


Whosyergurl said...

I've colored my own hair ONE time. I'm certain there must have been some wording to tip me off, but I missed it. It turned my hair PURPLE. I called in on a Monday to work to take some personal time. I went to the mall and had a twenty-something girl hack all of the PURPLE out of my hair. It took a long time to recover. I think I'm still recovering. xo, Cheryl

gonepostal said...

I found out the hard way also!!! It turned mine a sort of black/ was atrocious! Luckily, I left for the beach the next day & magic sunshine helped lighten it up to a more tolerable color, but still not me...No More John Frieda for Me!

gonepostal said...

I found out the hard way also..I stupidly thought that "Oh, since I've got to color my own hair, at least I can get the really expensive GOOD stuff by that great guru of hair styling John Frieda...well, my hair turned out more of a burgandy? was atrocious...wore a ballcap to work the next day (which is allowed, luckily) & lucky for me, I was leaving for the beach the next day & 5 days of beautiful sunshine & salt water lightned it up to a more tolerable shade of brown...but NEVER again.