Thursday, October 4, 2007

And suddenly, there were carrots everywhere

One of my favorite things to have for lunch is a bowl of soup, especially Campbell's Chunky Soup. Because it is, as you know, the soup that eats like a meal. And I am all about the meals.

So today, I thought I'd have a nice bowl of Chunky soup, the kind with the little sirloin burgers in. That's been my favorite Chunky soup since I was a little kid. I emptied half the can into my bowl, put the bowl in the microwave with a sheet of paper towel covering it, and set it to heat for three minutes because I like my soup boiling hot.

The next thing I knew, there was this huge explosion in the microwave. Like, *BANG!* The door didn't fly open, but it certainly was a loud sound. It made me jump and I nearly spilled Diet Coke down the front of me, since I was taking a sip at the time. I looked incredulously at the microwave and noted that the inside of the door was liberally smeared with running soup.

I opened the door to a scene of utter devastation. It very nearly looked worthy of calling CNN so that one of their reporters could come with a camera crew and stand in my kitchen saying, "It was a peaceful day, Thursday around lunch time, when a sudden explosion rocked the McKinney microwave. We've been told that there were carrots everywhere and that the paper toweling used for just such an emergency ended up being inadequate to the task, leading the lady of the house to believe that she should perhaps switch brands. The soup was hot and it tasted good with a little pepper ground over it, but the microwave was temporarily declared a disaster area. The one-woman clean up crew took ten minutes with a sponge, soapy water and then some Windex and a few more paper towels to restore normalcy to the microwave area.

She finished off by having two sweet gherkins as a reward. Now back to you in the studio."

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