Monday, October 20, 2008

Happily ever after

Strangely enough, as soon as I threatened to take away their computer time, the girls found the pencil sharpener within ten minutes.

But then they discovered that the batteries I bought for it? That very special package of batteries, purchased especially for the pencil sharpener? Well, those very batteries are being used in one of the television remote controls and the camera.

So even though the pencil sharpener has been found, it still can't be used.

It's going to take every bit of self-control I can muster not to buy them each an electric pencil sharpener with an actual cord and plug of their very own someday for a house warming present.

Future Son-in-Law: Geez, what's up with the $20 pencil sharpener as a house warming gift? Are your parents kind of cheap, or what? I thought they'd at least be good for a queen-sized camp bed that inflates in under five minutes, can hold up to five hundred pounds and saves guests from strained backs.

Daughter: Oh, they're not too cheap; it's just my mom's way of passively aggressively commenting on what pigs my sister and I were when we were teenagers. I bet they'll get us a Brita water pitcher for Christmas!

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Kayte said...

Don't even get me started on the battery consumption around here with two teenage boys...I am forever out of batteries in everything I own because they have appropriated them for some use or another. They give us these teenage years, dontchaknow, so that we can actually part with them someday, because come on...can you imagine parting with that cute little 10 year old ever?