Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A very Shakespeare sort of morning

We're leaving for Stratford, Ontario in two hours and fifteen minutes and I have been awake for one hour and fourteen minutes, although I only allowed myself to get out of bed ten minutes ago, and then only because I was running the risk of drowning in my own snot.

The day is here, forsooth! It's been a whole year since I first contacted the travel agent and had her start making all the calls, which I have decided will be a lot cheaper and easier if I just do myself next time, especially since then I won't run the risk of having her quit her job without telling me and nearly giving me a heart attack when I went to the agency to pick up the theater tickets and no one knew who I was. I thought I was going to have to go all Mercutio on someone.

I got a call yesterday from Jerri and her husband, who, with their daughter Janie have already headed up to Canada. They've decided to make a week's vacation of it, so they won't be squished onto the van with the rest of us. The call was one of those in-and-out-again sort of things, but what I made out is that they wanted to warn us that I-69 and I-96 go their separate ways in Lansing and that if one has a sudden moment of dyslexia, one might find oneself headed to Toledo. I'm sure that Toldeo is a very fine city and that it would be possible to see some Shakespearean play performed there, but I don't know if they have an actual festival and I'm pretty sure that, whatever they do have, the tickets I have with me are not the tickets that will get us into whatever venue they use for such things, so I was thankful for the heads-up: We will work hard to not slip into reading dysfunction in Lansing.

I'm thinking we'll probably be in Canada at about four o'clock this afternoon. Thank heaven Ontario is in the same time zone we are, or I would be sunk.

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Kayte said...

Toledo...Ontario, yep, I think you chose the right one...LOL. Unless of course you were going to Toledo, Spain. Then I might have to reconsider.