Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The similarities between Mr. Darcy and Hershey

By "Mr. Darcy," I mean "Colin Firth," of course. There are a couple of other actors who have played Mr. Darcy -- upstarts, all of them -- but WE ALL KNOW that there's only really the one. If you feel that you don't know that, then you must immediately leave this blog. And go watch the BBC Pride & Prejudice until you've changed your mind.

Today, I was looking at Hershey and thinking about all the ways in which he is similar to Colin Firth's Mr. Darcy.

1. They both have melting brown eyes.

2. They both wear white shirts over their broad, manly chests.

3. They both have gruff barks, but are really gooey marshmallows underneath.

4. They both wear tall boots: Mr. Darcy's appear to be of a sturdy, well-polished Italian leather, while Hershey's are made of white fur with brown "buttons."

5. They can both dance, although I admit that Hershey only dances if you offer him a treat. And I don't believe he can actually dance quadrilles or minuets. It's more a freestylin' kind of thing.


6. They both annoy my husband.

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Kayte said...

Now, here's a title and post I never thought I would imagine or see...LOL. Too funny. That said, I still love Colin more than Hershey in the movies. A very fun post.