Sunday, December 14, 2008

Unexpected at the manger

On our bathroom counter upstairs sits a pretty little glazed porcelain statue of the Blessed Virgin, placed there to help jog my memory to say my Morning Offering. I've never worshipped it before, but it is a very pretty little piece of religious art, done in eggshell and pale blue with glazed gold leaf highlighting the edges of the virgin's robe, the cincture at her waist and the rosary she's holding in her hands. I bought it years ago on e-Bay for about three dollars and out of all the statues and pictures and this-n-thats we have around the house to remind us of Jesus and our favorite saints, this six inch statue is one of my most-loved.

We've been decorating for Christmas around the place, and I've let Meelyn and Aisling take over a lot of it. So I wasn't all that surprised, but was definitely amused, when I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth at the sink a few days ago and saw that the Blessed Virgin is now flanked by two plump, smiling snowmen, also done in highly-glazed eggshell-pale blue-and-gold leaf, standing happily beside her in the manner that precious, dimpled putti often decorate ecclesiastical art, acting as an honor guard as they escort Mary to heaven, or protect her as she cradles the Babe in her arms.

It made a very sweet little display, and it was so funny that they all matched. It was so Catholic, so divine and mystical on the one hand, while being entirely practical and down to earth on the other.

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Kayte said... will treasure this memory. One of my favorite Christmas decorating ones when the guys were little was that we had this Nativity under the hall tree and all the decorations on that tree are silver, white, gold and are religious-themed. White lights...very pretty and pristine looking. I am sure you can picture it then, when I tell you that under the tree with the Nativity scence and Bethlehem figures were roadways sporting the latest in Hot Wheels cars, Lincoln log homes and garages, a race track, and various Lego buildings. Totally keeping with my theme...dontchathink???? Geesh...but I kind of miss it actually.