Tuesday, June 1, 2010

One mean Nana

Have you ever seen the likes of this badness? Here is my innocent, never-a-moment-of-trouble little Aisling out in Nanny and Poppy's backyard on Sunday afternoon, with Nanny ruthlessly attacking her on the knee with a badminton racquet while Meelyn looks on in consternation, wondering whether she should rush in to defend her sister and risk a drubbing of her own, or merely stand there looking very cute in her new denim mini from Old Navy.

Which course of action do you think she chose?

And is Aisling really the injured innocent she's been portrayed to be?

And what about Nanny? Is she really the sort of grandmother who would whack her own granddaughter on the knee with a weapon-like instrument, like that weird guy did to Nancy Kerrigan all those years ago outside the skating rink?

I'll leave you to ponder the answers to these questions yourself, but let me inform you on one point: Once, when I was being an unspeakable brat of maybe nine or ten years old, Nanny, who was then known as Mommy or Mom or Marmee or Mudgie or WHAT NOW??? depending upon my changeable moods even at that tender age, broke a yardstick across my bottom after a high speed chase around the kitchen.

Soooo.....I'm just saying. Think it over.

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