Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Teacher let the monkeys out!

This is what a ninth grade home schooler looks like on the last day of school at Our Lady of Good Counsel high school. This winds up our ninth year of home schooling, and I have to say that it's been a very good year.

This summer will see Meelyn and Aisling finishing up a couple of their courses, since I unreasonably insist on every textbook being finished to the very last page. Meelyn is finishing up the last few lessons in her Traditional Logic text and is carrying on with reading The Federalist Papers and The Great Gatsby. Aisling still has six lessons left in Algebra I and two lessons in her vocabulary book. She's going to start reading The Red Badge of Courage shortly.

We have lots of American Lit reading to do in these next few months, along with an SAT prep workshop the girls will be attending for two days in August. Aisling continues with piano all summer and Meelyn will soon mark her one year anniversary of being a smiling face behind the counter of a local fast food establishment -- she's already got a substantial savings tucked away so that she can buy a car next summer.

Next year, a sophomore and a junior. Phew, that sounds old, for them and for me!

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Kayte said...

Yikes...a soph and a junior...OH MY. Gorgeous photo of A...she is so pretty sitting there reading like that...model thin these days. Very cute!