Sunday, June 27, 2010

Susan is so bossy

This morning we were all in Susie's beautiful kitchen making those Ziploc omelettes we made last year? And Carol and I were marshalled into action and set to chopping onions, cutting the cheese (yes, we giggled very hard and she shot us a baleful glare) and defrosting some ham she had in the freezer. She broke the eggs very professionally, using one hand and an extravagant up-in-the-air gesture that I found theatrical, yet somehow very impressive. I have to break eggs with two hands.

After Susie had the eggs all whirred up in the blender, she doled us each out a Ziploc bag with our names written on and snapped her fingers at us when she sensed our attention was wandering. "Now y'all listen up. I want you to hold open your bag and I'll pour in some eggs, then you go through this line and put what you want in your bag. Use up all that ham. And I don't want to store that strong onion in my fridge; eat that, too. And the spinach. Come on. Hurry up."

Carol, Meelyn and Aisling and I bumbled through the kitchen, choosing different assemblages for our personal omelettes while Susie yipped, "Squeeze the air out of those bags! We don't want them to float! Here! You need more egg! No, not you! C'mere!"

That's what we get for letting all the margarita wear off that girl.

On Friday evening, we all trooped up to the theater room to watch The Blind Side and it occurred to me, as she propelled me around the kitchen and took my plastic bag from me to drop it in the kettle of boiling water, just how much like Leigh Anne Tuohy Susan is. Which is, because Sandra Bullock's portrayal of Mrs. Tuohy was so adorable and funny, is actually kind of a nice thing to have in the family.

Even though Carol and I plan to pinch her shortly.

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Kayte said...

I have visions of all of you filling those baggies quick, quick, quick, a la Supermarket Sweep fashion. Go, Shelley GO GO GO!! All sounds like fun!