Saturday, July 4, 2009

Recipe: CousinFest Omelettes

Carol has a friend who owns a bed and breakfast, and this friend uses this recipe to cook made-to-order omelettes for her guests. It's a great way to make a number of omelettes at the same time.

Ziploc Omelettes

Ziploc freezer bags in the one quart size (they must be freezer bags, not regular)

Omelette stuff like crumbled bacon, diced Canadian bacon, diced cooked potatoes, shredded cheese, chopped onion, etc.

Large pot of boiling water


Each person takes a Ziploc freezer bag and breaks two eggs into it - you can add a sploosh of milk or water and salt/pepper if desired. Smoosh the eggs around in the bag until "scrambled." Add the desired fillings to the bag and shake. Remove as much of the air from the bag as possible; shake.

Place the plastic bags in the boiling water and cook for fifteen minutes if you like your eggs "juicy." If you prefer well-done eggs, boil your Ziploc bag for twenty minutes. If your water pot is big enough, you should be able to cook 6-8 omelettes at a time.

Remove the bags from the pot CAREFULLY. You might want to carefully dry the bag off on the bottom to avoid getting water on your plate. Open the bags and the omelettes will roll out easily, shaped like little logs or loaves.

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