Saturday, July 18, 2009

And then I turned into a popsicle

I am sitting here on a Saturday afternoon in mid-July at a time when the central air-conditioning is usually roaring away, huddled into a sweatshirt and actual pants -- not shorts. The frikkin' Snuggie is starting to look good to me, may all of heaven's holy angels help this (hopefully temporary) madness to pass.

At 12:45 on a mid-July Saturday in Indiana, one can count on the fact that the heat and humidity are both in the eighties, verging towards the nineties. At 12:45 on a mid-July Saturday in Indiana, one can count on every bench at the swim club being occupied by a body. Today, I'm not sure if the pool is even open; I'm sure not going there to find out. The swim club is out in the country surrounded by corn fields and if you can catch a breeze anywhere in the county, it's there.

I've been to the pool plenty of times when I deemed the water to chilly for my swimming pleasure, but I've never been there when it was too cold to sit on a bench without being dressed like Nanook of the North.

My big plan for the day was to go to the pool and get in the water to read my book propped on the edge as I often do, wait until I was deliciously cool, and then get out to roast on a bench with my Shakespeare stuff. Lather, rinse, repeat until it was time to shower and get ready to go to Mass. Now I'm not sure what to do, other than turning on the furnace.

Here are our deplorable current conditions:

Indianapolis, Indiana

Currently: 66°F Cloudy
Wind: West at 8 MPH
Humidity: 65%
Dewpoint: 54°F
Barometer: 30.02 inches and steady
Sunrise: 6:31 am
Sunset: 9:10 pm

Have you ever seen anything so ludicrous?

I called the travelers a couple of hours ago; they'd all gotten up fairly early and were well south of Montgomery. As they were driving along talking to me, they caught sight of an electronic billboard that had a time and temperature posting: It was eighty-eight degrees where they were.

Does anyone have Mother Nature's email address? I have a strongly worded letter I'd like to send to her.

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