Saturday, July 18, 2009

Anticipating the return of summer weather

Here's Carly Simon, one of my all-time favorites, doing "Anticipation" live in her 1987 Martha's Vineyard concert on what looks to be an absolutely perfect summer evening.

Quick note: I am not sure why Carly, who is so gorgeous to this very day it makes my hair hurt, is wearing those weirdly baggy pants and the sneakers -- did we all wear pants like that in 1987? I don't remember. Unfortunately, I do remember about the shoulder pads. Anyway, if anyone could make a pair of drawstring-waist pants look oddly adorable, it's Carly. Nobody does it better.

HA! Didja catch that? SONG TITLE REFERENCE!!!

I am ON today. Must be the cool, crisp tang of fall in the air. Wait a minute....

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