Friday, July 3, 2009

Later that evening....

I have judst had a gret big peach fuzz buzz, so plleze excuse ny typimg.

Hahahaha!!! Just kidding, Mom!!! It was only big, not great big.

Carol just got back from a Corvette ride with Doug and Susie's neighbor, Tom. Tom has a very red, very shiny, very convertible-y Corvette. It is, as the girls would say, hawt. (Frankly, so is Tom, who is married to the sweet and hilarious Liz. Liz used to be Snow White at Disney World - isn't that the cutest thing?)

We are getting ready to eat cedar plank grilled salmon, roasted new potatoes, grilled asparagus and some other stuff that sounds really good, but I have been released from KP duty (did dinner last night and lunch today) so I am sitting inside in the air conditioning tapping away while everyone else is sweating like a hog outside by the grill. The grill, just in case you wondered, is bigger than my entire house. It has an outside refrigerator and sink, too. Plus a long counter made of unpolished granite. The house, I believe, may possibly be bigger than my entire city, and with more bathrooms.

We spent the entire day ouside by the pool. Carol brought this pool toy consisting of two round Velcro-ed catcher's mitt-type things with a Velcro-covered tennis ball and we had a great deal of fun playing Monkey in the Middle with Summer, the golden retriever, playing the part of the monkey. She is the funniest thing you have ever seen, swimming in the pool.

By the time we'd spent four hours outdoors in the breeze and the sun and the chlorine and the heat, I looked like something that had just climbed from the primordial ooze in one of the golf course's water hazards. I had problems that even Arbonne was going to be pressed to resolve. It took me way over an hour to fix my face and my hair and Susie kept coming up to my suite and saying, "WHAT'S TAKING SO LOOOOOOOONG?!?!" It's hard to explain ugly to someone who does beauty products for a living.

Aunt Peg is here to join us for dinner and fireworks and she is impatient that we haven't yet eaten dinner and the fireworks are supposed to start soon. It is getting a little darkish outside. Hmmm. We may have to slam all this delicious food straight down our gullets in order to waddle over to Tom and Liz's to watch the display.

We have to watch one of our Netflix movies tonight. Slumdog Millionaire? Mama Mia?The "Sex in the City" movie? Which will it be?

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Kayte said...

Sounds like you are having a great time, great friends and family, great food, great swimming, and are you going to want to come back after all this??? Have a great time!