Monday, July 20, 2009

Life's a beach, and then you go shopping

I talked to Meelyn and Aisling before they left for the beach this morning; I was sitting outside on the front porch bench watching the dogs do their business on this SUNNY morning where it finally feels WARM. Miracles still occur, please don't ever doubt that.

Meelyn told me that the gang had been looking into visting a nearby water park, but they balked when they found out that the admission price was $32 per person. And here's a weird thing, and I hope it sounds right because the phone was kind of dodging in and out, it was more expensive for tall people? So the admission price was going to be more for Pat and Kieren?

That can't be right, can it?

Anyway, everyone really liked the beach they went to yesterday, so they're going back there. Meelyn tells me that there were lots of pretty shells on that beach, and she found a particularly lovely one, a small one of cream and grey and delicate pink. She thought there was a creature inside it, but when she took it to my mother, Mom said that she didn't think the shell was inhabited. Meelyn put it in the bathroom she's sharing with Aisling and left it.

Some time later, she came back into the bathroom and heard the little sea creature gasping for breath. Horrified, she hurriedly grabbed it up and ran it back to the salt water and released it back to its home. We were both in agreement that we didn't care if it was a yucky little mussel or mollusc or whatever -- anything that can gasp for breath needs to go back where it can be alive.

I'm just assuming that it wasn't gasping in horror at the state of that bathroom, since I'm not there to make them pick up the wet towels, polish the mirror, neatly store their various hair products and makeup, and clean the globs of toothpaste out of the sink. Heh.

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