Sunday, July 26, 2009

'Bout that time again

Today, my husband passed by my computer desk on his way to the kitchen. I was sitting in my chair, watching a YouTube video and singing quietly to myself.

"Ah. I see it's about that time of the month again," he noted, pausing with a wry smile.

I clicked the pause button on my video. "What makes you say that?" I wasn't aware of having been touchy or otherwise unpleasant, or having gone after anyone with a shotgun or a meat cleaver.

He nodded toward the computer. "You're listening to 'Kiss from a Rose' again."

"Well. Yeah. I love that song. Seal, you know."

"I've noted that you love it more at a certain time of the month. It's okay, though. It's like a distant early warning."

Touchily, maybe even a bit unpleasantly, I said, "How do you know when the event has actually occurred?"

He pondered a moment and replied, "Well, either you tell me by holding a pillow over my face in the middle of the night and waking me from a sound and healthful sleep by screaming 'STOP BREATHING LIKE THAT!' or I'll find you here at your desk listening to 'I'll Stand By You' by the Pretenders and crying."

Oh, he knows me so well.

Here's Seal. I wonder if he says that kind of impertinent stuff to Heidi Klum? And I wonder what she listens to when she has PMS? Oh, wait. I just read on Wikipedia that Seal announced in April 2009 that Heidi is expecting their fourth child. Guess she was spending less time watching videos on YouTube and more time doing other things.

And The Pretenders, with Chrissie singing "I'll Stand by You," a song that a lot of people insist is a song for lovers, but others insist is one she wrote for her two daughters, Natalie and Yasmin. Whichever, it is a great song.

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