Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween sleepover

 Aisling's Halloween party/sleepover was a lot of fun. We started off with a trip to Jacobs Family Orchard in Mt. Summit, where the girls had fun climbing up on the tower of straw bales. From left to right, Chelsea, Amanda, Ella and Aisling. (Ella is holding Zuzu, who made the trip with us as one of the girls.)

 Zuzu was all agog with so many new sights to see and smells to sniff out. Is that... a GOAT IN THE DISTANCE??!!

 Beautiful pumpkins on a lovely autumn afternoon.

 Ah, yes....the goats! The girls thought the goats were adorable, but Zuzu was underwhelmed.

 Cider slushies all around for the trip home, because it turns out that corn mazes, penned goats, straw bales and the like are all very thirsty work.

 Papa Murphy's was doing the cutest Jack-o-Lantern pizzas, so we wanted one.

 A platter of apple-cinnamon doughnuts and brownies magically disappeared.

 A skeery-looking bowl of popcorn was handy by for nibbling while watching Hocus Pocus and a Harry Potter movie.

 Monkey bread is always a big draw at sleepovers. I make mine out of the finest, freshly-ground 
MONKEY MEAT. (No, really, just little canned biscuits, butter, cinnamon-sugar, butter, brown sugar, butter, vanilla, butter and a little more butter.

Just so we can make it clear that the entire sleepover wasn't spent eating, we offered everyone a handicure with a shea butter sugar scrub for, well, scrubbing (purple pot), cocoa butter enriched petroleum jelly for softening (green pot) and oatmeal/vitamin E lotion for smoothing (pink pot).. 
There were fancy orange, purple and lime green fingernail polishes for anyone who wanted 
a spooktacular manicure to go along with her soft paws.

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Kayte said...

I KNEW I should have crashed this party!!! So much fun, thanks for sharing the photos. How did that kid get so old so fast? And so pretty!!!!