Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Jack o' Lantern time

 'Twas pumpkin-carving time here last Saturday, because what better way is there to spend an hour on the weekend than in the harmless pursuit of digging the slimy guts out of a gourd?
We like happy pumpkins at our house, but Meelyn's smile is even brighter, although she isn't orange.

 Aisling screamed, "I LOOK UGLY!" when I pointed the camera at her and I said sharply, "I AM MAKING MEMORIES HERE" and took the picture anyway. So there you have it.

 Here's my little guy, a pie pumpkin I have named Binky.

Boo to you!


Amy said...

Cute! And love that you snapped M's pic anyway. I hate carving pumpkins.

Kayte said...

Binky boo is sure cute. The guys all make theme pumpkins each year and each year mine is the same, one little happy smiley face binky boo type pumpkin. They are just so cute. Wow does M have great looking teeth. A a hoot...ugly, yeah, right, when would that be? Fun to see the jacks.