Monday, July 4, 2011

NUNDAY: It's a grand old flag

This Dominican sister is proud of being an American, waving her flag to welcome Pope Benedict XVI to the United States a few years back. There's just something very nice, I feel, in seeing a sister in a traditional habit seated amongst all the ordinary business suits and dresses. I liked this nun in particular because even clothed in the garb that Dominican religious have worn for hundreds of years, she's still very much the modern woman, so excited to see Il Papa, she's even brought her binoculars.


Amy said...

How do you know she's a Dominican nun? But I do like seeing nuns in habit.

Shelley said...

She's wearing all white, which is the traditional color of habit for followers of St. Dominic. Benedictines usually wear black, Carmelites and Franciscans generally wear brown. 'Course, there are all kinds of sub-sets under those headings.