Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day to Mommy Darling!

(Reading this post obligates you to see any bad spelling)!

First, I want to thank all of the mothers for being such wonderful mothers and role models. My mother and Father are the focus from now forward in this post. I am going to tell you our family story, beginig in the month of November of last year.

It all started when Dad, who is a car salesman, wasn't selling any cars. Dad was also having trouble with his boss. As I'm sure all of the people reading this know that being on commission and having a single parent work is rough. My parents remained through every trial from having no money, and all the way to having 3 of either our cars or borrowed cars brake down in a 3 week period. My parents through the money troubles could have dropped me and my sister off at the nearest middle school, and let Mom go get a job to bring in more money, but instead of following their ways they continued to walk the ruff path of Christian. At this point, Let us think positive!

Through all of our bad luck we have had continued graces such as getting money to help us out with bills, we have been lent a computer and 3 cars along with all of our friends getting together and giving us rides their and back from home school activities. So in the midst of all of our awful luck we have grown in Faith with God and Love in our family. We know we have God and friends watching over us. So thank you Mom and Dad for continually remaining sane through these bad times. Isn't it funny to think that we don't appreciate family to the fullest extent until something bad happens?

Your Daughter,

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Kbg said...

M...what a gracious way of looking at life! You are a wonderful testament to your mother (and father) and the way they have brought you and A. up to be the lovely people that you are now and will always be...lucky you. And, lucky them! Love you!