Sunday, May 25, 2008

Positive thoughts

As it turns out, all of us are hideously upset at the idea of not playing volleyball this fall. Meelyn hasn't said much, but I know her. Aisling surprised us by saying that she sat on the bench too much last year anyway, so maybe she wouldn't miss it much after all. I finally told my husband that I felt like a truck was running over my head every time I thought of no volleyball, and he admitted he felt the same way.

So for now, we have decided to think positively. The fees are supposed to be lower this year (last year they were $150 per girl -- ouch!) because we don't have to pay rent for the lovely practice facility. The facility is a church gym and the varsity coach is the assistant pastor, so voilà! Free practice! It is very true that we have no car, and how I'll be able to ferry the girls to practice in Delaware county while my husband is waiting for a ride home in Hancock county is something that I am not yet able to wrap my mind around. Hopefully, we'll be able to car pool to away games with other team members and share the gas costs.

So. Positive thoughts. Poh-zih-tiiiiiv. Volleyball. Volleyball. Volleyball.

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Kbg said...

Life with you all playing volleyball??? I can't imagine such a thing. Really, I can't.

It would be like us without swimming. Can you imagine that?