Friday, May 30, 2008

Tick tock

I have not been able to sleep more than four or five hours per night for the last four nights and my head feels like a boiled onion.

Although, I have to say that Operation Tidykleen (OT) is made much easier when I'm super tired because OT is fueled by the fact that I shout at family members like a drill sergeant: "Pick that up! Put it away! Bury it! Burn it! Mail it to Australia, I don't care! The only thing that belongs on the piano bench is someone's rear end and maybe some piano music. Not socks! Not half a peanut butter sandwich! Not the curling iron or a volleyball!" When I'm tired, I'm already halfway to shouting as soon as I come downstairs in the morning. I'm a fun person, I am! My husband and children are permanently disgruntled and Wimzie tries to hide under the couch every time I walk into the room where she's lounging, but my house is very, very clean.

This morning I woke up at around 2:15 and stupidly let my mind drift to bills that are coming due and school books that we have to buy for the coming year and what if gas prices soar to $8 per gallon and the sun suddenly blows up? Just the kind of thoughts you want to entertain if your goal is to immediately snap wide awake with eyes that look like a bush baby's. Why are those always the kind of thoughts that assail us all in a moment of wakefulness? Why can't people ever wake up in the night and think blissfully, "I'm brilliant, I don't owe Vectren any money, and I have the best hair, like, ever!" Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy???

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