Friday, September 12, 2008

Hot stuff

Yesterday at MOPS, Meelyn and a university student had two babies in their care in the 12-18 months class. One was a sweet baby girl and the other was a little boy who had just learned to walk.

Mee said that he was the cutest thing, like, ever - all blond curls and blue eyes and a devastating saucy grin complete with dimple, which he used indiscriminately, flashing it at the girls until they pronounced him "a young Heath Ledger."

Evidently, the young man agrees, for the dribble bib tied around his neck bore the legend "Chick Magnet."

That made me laugh.

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Kayte said..., they do know what happened to young Heath, don't they? Might want to pick another cutie just to be safe. I can so see this cute little guy...I bet he though M and A were the greatest!