Thursday, November 13, 2008

Nine days....

GAAAAAAHHHH!!!! It's now been NINE DAYS since my last post and there have been some loyal readers telling me that unless I get crack-a-lackin' with some recipes or stories about awkward situations that we have found ourselves in or some snarky comments about banks or Democrats, they are done with me.

Here's one reason I haven't been posting: We're busy. (Omigosh, that was so funny just then...I typed the word "busy" but my untalented finger accidentally came down on the "t" and "y" keys at the same time, leading to a declaration that the reason I haven't been posting is because we are BUSTY. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....!!!!)


Anyway, another reason why I haven't been posting: It's cold. The weather has finally changed and now when I wake up at night (and I'm on a cycle where I've been up for a couple of hours every night for about the past five nights, stupid PMS) I throw a scarf over my bedside light so that the brightness is muted and stay snuggled under the blankets, reading while my husband snores energetically. The computer is downstairs next to the really big dining room window, which happens to be a window that is not particularly well insulated and it only takes a few minutes to get freezing cold, even bundled up in jammies, robe and slipper boots, when the furnace is set on its nighttime temperature.

So. I am still here and we are all fine. Don't give up. Be thankful that I'm so dedicated to making sure that Meelyn is on track with her freshman year studies, I don't have time to post much now.

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Kayte said...

We don't want excuses, WE WANT POSTS!!!! LOL. Just kidding, we will be patient. All things come to those who wait patiently, right? That's why I am still here waiting to win the lottery and all. Lottery or your posts, I will take either at this point.