Monday, October 26, 2009

Faster than the speed of, er....The Scarlet Letter

Okay, so The Scarlet Letter hasn't exactly gone quickly. Meelyn says she likes it, although she uttered the word "like" in a doubtful tone that made me wonder if she was being completely straight with me. Aisling, when I asked just now what her opinion is, said, "Lukewarm. At best."

At any rate, the first grading period here at Our Lady of Good Counsel is coming to a screeching halt on Thursday. Both readers have been informed that they must finish with The Scarlet Letter on Wednesday. Grades will be figured and posted here on InsomniMom on Monday - or at least that's my intention.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is the American Literature classic I plan to assign for the second grading period and both girls are expressing limited enthusiasm for this project, both claiming that I "ruined" and "tortured" them by having them read Tom Sawyer two years ago.

This Friday is -- hallelujah -- our holiday break for All Saints and All Souls. Our enthusiasm for this brief vacation hovers somewhere on the SAT word list between inordinate and profligate.

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Kayte said...

Tell M and A that it will do them absolutely no good to rent the Scarlet Letter version with Demi Moore rather than read the book as teens can so often believe will be better than actually reading the book as the ending was changed and off they went to live a happily ever after life in South Carolina. I. Kid. You. Not. Blasphemy...what are we to learn from THAT???? LOL. SAT...I hope there is a major question worth hundreds of points that says: "How fast is your 50 Freestyle? Your 100 Freestyle? Your 200 Freestle? Your 100 Backstroke? Your 200 Backstroke? What leg do swim most often in your relays?" We might have a fighting chance is such questions appear on the SAT. Might.