Saturday, October 24, 2009

My favorite commercial

Well, here we all were, thinking that the little Geico gecko was just the cutest thing in the world, especially in that commercial where he spends the Big Boss's first dollar on a bag of chips from a vending machine.

But then came along this spot for Geico's roadside assistance program and I don't know where this accent is from, but I wish I had it. When I was a student at Ball State back in the Mesozoic Era, there was a girl who lived on my floor in Rogers Hall who sounded like this and she was a hoot. We used to listen to her read the week's menu -- "And on Tyoooosday? Chikkin veahlvet syoooup? For luuuuhnch? And for diyunner is mateloaf with pahtaytahs?" -- and just fall about laughing. Those VOWELS. And the way she could take an ordinary two-syllable word and stretch it out to about six....hilarious. She could cuss you out, not that she ever would have, being raised Baptist and all, but it could only make you smile.

Her name was Sara, and if I remember right, she was from Louisiana. We lost touch, as so often happens after graduations, but I still remember her and her accent fondly.

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