Monday, October 12, 2009

I have not fallen into a well

I am not in there, so don't go calling because if you lean over too far, something bad might happen and no one will ever want to drink water out of that thing again.

The girls and I are slightly overwhelmy-feeling with school this year. Having two high school students in the house is no joke, and please keep in mind that I'm not the one doing the school work. However, we seem to be getting into a grind....I mean, routine...that is working for us. Classes are definitely moving right along, and the best thing is that we are not behind on anything. Last year at this time, Meelyn and I were floundering around with Biology I as if we had, well, fallen into a well and were trying to reach the bucket. Just to extend the metaphor. I took precautions this year to grasp Aisling urgently by the upper arms, gaze into her eyes, and implore her in a quivering voice to STICK TO THE SYLLABUS.

"Because," I warned her in a strained whisper, "if you get behind by even ONE DAY, the microscope will explode and your favorite shoes will cause you to get a toe fungus."

I have also pushed my STICK TO THE SYLLABUS message in American Literature, American History and Meelyn's Traditional Logic, portentously warning them of dire events that will transpire if they don't.

The most amazing thing about this school year is that we have not only managed to STICK TO THE SYLLABUS, we have also managed to STICK TO THE HOUSEKEEPING. Yes, that's right: the daily cleaning schedule we began early last July is still in force around here and the toilets are cleaned, the carpets are vacuumed, the furniture is dusted and the floors are mopped with comforting regularity. Not only that, but we never run out of clean underwear anymore.

So with those two things going on, can you see why it's been just over a week since I've posted? Especially when you consider the fact that I am also teaching the Shakespeare Workshop, Meelyn is still holding down her fast-food job and Ailsing and I are volunteering as babysitters at MOPS twice a month?

Sometimes I suspect that we might be partly bionic.


Amy said...

I would be impressed with just the Stick to the Syllabus part or the housekeeping part. But both? You might be more than might be superhuman! Take a few minutes to drop in at Mag Moms, will ya?

Kayte said...

You can do it, you are Super Mom, Super Woman, and Super Organized. Me, not so much. I keep reminding myself that in two years they will be gone and my house will be spotless then....I know this because it was spotless before they arrived 17 years ago. The time in between has been called The Compromise Period. BTW, I am loving your little additions of pictures on your blog, very colorful and cheery and nice. Please keep doing those. Thank you.