Friday, October 30, 2009

Recession? Pffffft!!!!

Today was our day of fall vacation here at Our Lady of Good Counsel, and we celebrated by taking a trip to the Goodwill store. The store in the picture isn't the one we went to, but I think there's enough goodwill to spread around. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!!! I am always entertained by my own sense of humor.

Anyway, we had a mission. I found out yesterday when we were on our way out the door to go to the Indianapolis Museum of Art? And I saw that Aisling was wearing a pair of artfully (and artificially) tattered jeans? So I told her to go change and put on some nice pants or a skirt or something? Well, she told me that those jeans were the only ones she had, and unless I wanted her to wear pajamas, her old volleyball uniform or her swimsuit, it was going to be those jeans.

Obviously, I needed to do something about that. And while I was doing something about that, it would only make sense to look in the men's section for some trousers for my husband to wear to work. He's required to dress nicely -- and it just makes sense for a commissioned salesman to look as prosperous as possible -- but he flat-out refuses to by clothing for work at the full retail price. He's also very cynical about sales, which he says are just a ploy to get the naïveand suggestible among the citizenry (which would be me) in the door so that the salesman can sell them something more expensive.

So we went. We stayed for, like, HOURS. By the time we hauled our huge cart-load up to the check-out stands, I had five pairs of trousers (very, very gently used and several with dry cleaning tags still safety-pinned to them) for my husband at $3.99 each and Aisling had a cute aubergine colored handbag, four tops and a fabulous Ann Taylor Loft grey flannel pencil skirt with mauve and pink felt flowers appliquéd around the bottom. It could not be cuter. All of those clothes came to $45 including tax and I felt like I'd just walked right straight up to the recession, tweaked it on the nose and breathed my bad breath right into its face in a great big HAH.

Meelyn and I got no love there today, but we went on to JC Penney to see if we could find a sale and Meelyn found a gorgeous pair of dress jeans (a term that always makes me roll my eyes just a little) marked down five dollars. That suited her budget and they looked very nice on her, too. She had to try on about sixty different pairs, seemed like, but you know how it is when you suddenly pull on a pair of pants and they make your stomach look flat and your hips look slim and your bottom to look like...well, what you always hoped your bottom would look like? Yeah. That's how those jeans fit her.

It was a very nice day off. Sweet mother of pearl, we surely needed it.


Kayte said...

Oh, yeah, I know all about teens needing to try on 60 pairs of pants. In our case it is 60 pairs of pants trying to find one pair that will fit the no waist, no butt, 32 inch inseam, enough material in the back so the the butt does not show (difficult for someone so long waisted), and we spent one whole afternoon trying to find a pair. One pair, we found one pair and I wish to heaven they had been at Goodwill. Not. $ we got just one pair and those will have to do to alternate with swim pants for a bit. If you see A & F jeans at Goodwill, call me immediately and roam the store with them in your cart until I can get there! I love your bargain hunting tips.

Amy said...

I love to look at the Goodwill Store, but rarely buy anything. Belts for the boys. Maybe I'm not patient enough. Maybe I should go with you sometime...