Saturday, September 18, 2010

Bentley's looooove

Bentley's is a Stratford institution, a place that came highly recommended by a new friend named Aaron, who is a Stratford local. We owe Aaron a huge debt of gratitude because Bentley's was a lot like Mary Poppins - practically perfect in every way. From the fun pubby atmosphere to our darling waitress to the delicious food, Bentley's was a definite high point on our Stratford trip and it's a place we'll want to return to again and again.
See? Could this place be any cuter? The bar area was raised up from the main floor and decorated with cheerful advertising signs and everything was dim and cozy. It was a place that looked like it would be a comforting stop on a snowy evening after work, but it wasn't bad in the hot September weather, either.
Al, Michelle and Gloria beaming brightly while waiting for their dinners, which were delicious. So maybe they were beaming even more brightly after they ate, but I was too busy with my own plate to take their picture then.
Gary and Katie, a handsome couple, are the parents of one of my longtime students, Beck, and are our dearly loved friends.
Bentley's is famous around Stratford for two menu selections - their fish and chips and their Mennonite Apple Pie. My husband and I had the fish and chips and agreed that we've never had better and wondered if Canada is too far to drive to during Lent. As for the Mennonite Apple Pie, the words that can describe this delightful dessert are ones like: mmmm and fabulous and utterly and completely delicious. The person who would use words like "calories" and "fattening" and "high carb" to describe this masterpiece of pastry should be soundly beaten around the head and neck with a rolling pin.


Stratfordfest said...

Well, I think I'm all caught up on reading your blog posts about the trip to Stratford. I'm really glad you enjoyed Bentley's while you were here and had a wonderful trip. I've really enjoyed hearing all about the trip and see all the great photos you took while here.
Thank you for sharing your trip with us.

Kayte said...

That's IT...I am going next time...will there be a next time? All of you having so much fun without me is just too too much. I want to go...somewhere, anywhere...soon!