Tuesday, September 21, 2010

We're learning how to write our names in elvish runes

The Costume and Prop Warehouse tour in Stratford was one of the best field trips I've ever been on. You can tell from this exterior view of the building how truly heeeyooge it is: I couldn't even get the whole thing in my camera shot while standing way out in the parking lot. We learned all kinds of amazing things while there, but I think one of the parts of the tour everyone enjoyed most was the fifteen minutes at the end when we were taken to the back of the warehouse, where several racks of costumes and a big rack of hats awaited us.

My family automatically gravitated toward a sparkly gold elf hat and it seemed very important for us all to have our pictures taken while wearing it. To be honest, my husband didn't actually GRAVITATE - Meelyn, Aisling and I had to alternately cajole, threaten and wheedle my husband into putting it on his head, but persistence finally won out.

Aisling looks like she should be in Santa's workshop at the North Pole, making toys.

Meelyn wears the elf hat with a jaunty air, perhaps thinking that she needs to get back to her job baking cookies in the Keebler hollow tree.


Do not even think of messing with Mr. Meanie McElfhat. He will take your candy cane and crush it into a fine powder.

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Kayte said...

Love the hats...of course, all I can think of is Connie Conehead and her family...LOL LOL LOL. Are you too young to get this joke? May. Be.