Monday, September 20, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

It was a busy weekend around here, as weekends often are. Work, church (two different times), religious education classes, youth group....we buzzed around and now here we are on Monday already, which has become....a day of relaxation? That can't be right.

Thanks to Laura at I'm an Organizing for jump-starting my week. Click the link to find out what she's serving her family. I kind of wish I could pile everyone into the van and go eat dinner at her house.

Anyway, we're on the third week of the month which means that the Meal Matrix has designated this week as Chicken, Beef, Soup, New Recipe, Seafood/Meatless (or Restaurant, if I'm lucky), Mexican and Pork. Although now that football season has started, the Sunday dinner will most likely become a thing of the past until after the Super Bowl's over, at which time we'll resume with tradition. So let's call Sunday "Football Snack" for the time being.

Here goes!

Menu Plan for the Week of September 20, 2010

Monday -- Crispy Oven Chicken, Cranberry-Walnut dressing and green beans

Tuesday -- Comforting Beef Pot Pie

Wednesday -- Grade-School Chili and peanut butter sandwiches

Thursday -- New Recipe: Apricot Chicken (in the slow-cooker instead of the oven), served with seasoned almond rice and peas.

Friday -- Restaurant? Please?

Saturday -- Tamale Casserole

Sunday -- Football Snack: Game Day Caramel Corn

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Kayte said...

Well, I obviously missed this yummy week...can we have a repeat and let me know so I drop by like every night that week? Thanks.