Monday, December 17, 2007


Today we missed Mass as a family for the first time in five years, all due to the weather. Both vehicles were completely covered in snow when we got up, not to mention the fact that they were both wearing thick, icy camisoles underneath their fluffy white garments that rendered them impossible to get into. My husband finally managed to get into his car, mostly because he was very nervous, since it isn't actually his car, but one that belongs to the company he works for. My van is still completely inaccessible. As the day drew on, we were not all that surprised to see that all our county's schools are on a two-hour delay tomorrow, even though no new ice or snow is expected. I was considerably relieved to see that my nephews' school is also delayed in the morning.

The roads weren't much better, and the wind howled like something out of a Brontë novel. This has been the strangest day -- I think I could count on one hand the number of vehicles that have driven past our normally bustling intersection, here by our corner lot. I have seen one pedestrian today, and he was tottering down the slippery sidewalk, grasping a gallon of milk in one gloved hand, while holding his parka hood and scarf on with the other, trying to protect them from the mean teasing of that wild wind.

I got up to cook breakfast, and I have to say that it was very pleasant and cozy there in the kitchen. The family came downstairs, lured by the smells of eggs, sausage, toast and coffee. I warmed the plates and buttered the eggs and we all sat in the living room, eating while watching more Christmas movies. Aisling, by the way, preferred oatmeal and toast with jam, although that didn't stop her from asking for several bites of my egg on toast.

Meelyn's first Christmas dance was last night, so we were all still basking in the happy glow of a lovely party. I'll have to write more about that later, because that is a memory I definitely want to keep fresh.

Each bush, each tree branch outdoors is graciously bearing its own little burden of snow. The wind is whisking sparkling snow into the air, flinging it like scarves across the lawn. The Christmas tree is glowing and the first Advent candle in the wreath on the coffee table is growing very, very short. It is a cold night, a beautiful night, with a sky overhead like polished pewter. All is calm, all is bright.

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Kbg said...

Oh, I so want to be all sounds so cozy and nice. You write so nicely.

Now, what does "buttered the eggs" mean? Is this a Hoosier thing that a Hawkeye gal has no chance of understanding? What is this???? I have never once buttered an put butter on an egg? Please advise asap...I am very curious. (This is probably something everyone does and I am the last to know, right?)