Thursday, December 20, 2007

Mamaw and Granny, busted

Mamaw and Granny have been grounded from paying Sorry! together, as it brings out the worst in them. Never mind that the entire POINT of Sorry! is that you send people back to start while trying frantically to move your own pieces around to home without getting Sorry!-ed, no, just never you mind. The two of them must take it as a personal insult and whine and complain loudly at one another, heaving heavy sighs and squealing in rage if Sorry! cards are chosen from the deck.

When bouts of pinching and slapping began to break out across the game board (and that was just what I was doing), I told them that they were grounded from Sorry! for the rest of the day. And that they should go upstairs and play video games. Because, if they try to kill one another over Ape Escape 2? I won't be able to hear them at it.

So for all of you who think that Meelyn and Aisling are sweet darlings who flit about this house like little spun-sugar fairies, trailing clouds of pixie dust from their pink wands, let me lend them to you for an afternoon. They'll arrive with the Sorry! game tucked under their arms, and then you'll just see, won't you?

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Kbg said...

Don't believe it...I still believe in fairies!