Sunday, December 30, 2007

This just in from the Sunshine State

Poppy just called from his cell phone a few minutes ago. He and Nanny arrived in Florida this afternoon, where it is a balmy 83 degrees. They traveled through driving rainstorms and crazy interstate traffic: evidently this is the weekend when all the snowbirds looked at each other and said, "Well, Linda, the grandkids have all opened their Christmas gifts; the tree is down and all the decorations are back in the attic. Let's go!"

They're in Florida for only a week this year. Here's hoping for a restful and relaxing vacation with warm weather and beautiful sunsets. They do a lot of really hard work in caring for my elderly grandfather and step-gran: their time at home is definitely not their own. They don't begrudge any of the care they give so unselfishly, but I'm sure it's nice to get away and rest.

I thought of them yesterday, the Feast of the Holy Family, during the second reading at Mass. It was from Sirach 3:12-15:

My child, support your father in his
old age,
do not grieve him during his life.
Even if his mind should fail, show
him sympathy,
do not despise him in your health
and strength;
for kindness to a father will not be
but will serve as reparation for
your sins.
On your own day of ordeal God will
remember you;
like frost in sunshine, your sins
will melt away.

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