Monday, January 14, 2008


My husband, Meelyn and I have planned out what courses she'll be taking for the ten credits she needs for her freshman year. I think it sounds very interesting and it lines up well with the Indiana Core 40 plan, as well as the admissions requirements for the state universities here in the Hoo State.

Religion -- 1 credit

text: Confirmation Preparation for Young Catholics (Seton)

text: Baltimore Catechism 3 (Seton)

class: Confirmation preparation at church

English/Language Arts -- 2 credits

British Literature through ARCHES -- text: The Prose and Poetry of England
Grammar and Composition -- text: undecided

Mathematics -- 1 credit

Algebra I -- text: Saxon Algebra I plus the D.I.V.E. CD-ROM

Science -- 1 credit

Biology I -- text: Exploring Creation with Biology (Apologia Science)

History/Social Studies -- 2 credits

U.S. Presidents, Government and Geography -- text: eclectic sources (internet, worksheets, etc.)

HISTO - The Medieval Period

Physical Education -- 2 credits

Mini-Marathon training and race -- 1 credit
Volleyball training, camp, season -- 1 credit

Spanish I -- 1 credit

Course choices between Rosetta Stone software, Power Glide software or Spanish I homeschool co-op

Fine Arts -- 1 credit

text: The History of Art and Venezia Artist Series

class: Tipton Art Class

class: Indianapolis Museum of Art Talks/Tours

Music Appreciation - 1 credit

VOX Music Masters CD Series

Total: 12 credits

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Kbg said...

I have the Seton Confirmation prep book if you would like it free of charge...actually, I have two, no surprise, so you can have both as it is helpful to have one to read along with if you do it together. Remind me before MNO and I will bring it along.

Sounds good...all of it, esp. the Algebra...LOL LOL. I will teach it for you...I love algebra!