Thursday, January 3, 2008

Not very Sorry! (TM)

I've been playing lots of games with the Meelyn and Aisling during this Christmas vacation, Sorry! being one of our number one favorites. Strangely enough, we've never had a Sorry! game at our house before; this one was a present from sweet Virginia, who handed it to me at the HISTO game in mid-December, all wrapped up in pretty paper. I was very glad to get it because we've only been able to indulge our love for this board game while visiting Nanny and Poppy.

Anyhoo, the girls and I were playing today and our fortunes were going backward and forward in the usual manner of Sorry!. It is a very unpredictable game and you never can say how things will come out.

Aisling was the first one out of her Start zone. She crowed and whooped over this, doing a lot of trash-talking: This continued pretty much through the rest of the game. She sent me back to Start with a lot of saucy commentary, ju-u-u-st when I was getting all four of my red pieces into the home stretch.

She laughed and mocked, acting like that little girl in James Whitcomb Riley's Little Orphant Annie, the one who got dragged away to her doom by a horde of demons. Yeah, I went there. She carried on and on, not paying much attention to the fact that I had drawn a #1 card, which allowed me to exit my Start zone and was proceeding quietly around the board.

My coup de grace was when we were both there in our Safety zones. Aisling was still honking and braying, but a little nervousness around the eye betrayed her. She drew a #12 and couldn't go. I desperately needed a #5....and I drew one! The winnah!!!!!

Or, the second place, to be exact. Meelyn had won first place about ten minutes previously and was watching our showdown, cheering happily when I won.

After playing cards and board games for an hour, I am ready to send them upstairs to read or play video games or whatever. My motherly duty, when it comes to games, goes in increments of sixty minutes. Then it's time for a break.

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Kbg said...

Let's teach them bridge!