Thursday, January 17, 2008

Reason #3,467 why my husband is freakin' awesome

My husband got a letter in the mail today informing him that he has won a digital camera through a promotion he has been participating in through work. A real one! That takes pictures! Digitally!

A few years ago, he was awarded a four night, five day Carribbean cruise that took us to our departure point at San Juan and then cruised us to Tortola, St. Barth, St. Maarten, St. John and some other sainty destinations. We walked around whatever little town we docked near on St. Barth, went into a grocery and a pharmacy and giggled in wonder at the French labels on laundry detergent, baby food and cough syrup. How fun was it to see that actual French-speaking people get coughs? And feed their little French-babbling bébés out of wee little glass jars? We also recoiled in horror at the crass, nasty commercialization of St. Maarten and went back to the ship as soon as I'd bought a 14K gold toe ring, to sit on our balcony overlooking the ocean, drinking in Red Stripe beer and the playful dancing of the sun on the blue, blue water.

It was a wonderful vacation, especially when I called my mom from a phone on the beach at St. Thomas where everything was white and blue and warm and found out that back home in Indiana, everything was grey and brown and about 32o.

My husband told me that his whole purpose in participating in this promotion was not only to test his mettle, but also to win this fancy camera for me. That just couldn't be sweeter.

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Kbg said...

So, will we be seeing photos on this blog?

Remember...I always ask permission first, so I expect the same consideration...LOL.