Wednesday, February 18, 2009

All in good fun

Several of you readers anxiously emailed me to make sure that my brother, Pat, and I weren't developing some awful family rift that would result in cold glares over the Thanksgiving turkey and an inability for me to be able to see my nephews, Kieren and Dayden, and my niece, Kiersi, as much as I'd like.

I thought those emails were very sweet and I want to put your minds at rest: Everything I wrote about Pat, Angie and my husband calling me a stalker was all just teasing, all in good fun. Our family relationships, including Nanny and Poppy, involve a lot of good-natured bantering that has absolutely no malice involved, so set your minds at rest. I still don't see the kids as much as I'd like, because truth be told, I'd be glad to see them every day, but I wouldn't mind seeing Pat and Angie every day either, so it's all good.

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