Saturday, February 28, 2009

Patrick Madrid has a blog here on Blogger!

Patrick Madrid is one of my favorite Catholic apologists, the editor of the Surprised by Truth series which was so inspirational in giving me a jumping-off point for further study as I read my way into the Catholic Church. Until I read those books (and got to know a few Catholics, incidentally), I didn't know that I was contemplating doing something that thousands -- millions -- of people are doing every year and that for every disgruntled, disaffected Catholic who is tired of being bossed, there is another individual who embraces the Church with joy unspeakable.

His blog can be found here on Blogger, with mine! Well, sort of. In proximity. Somewhat nearby-ish. My blog bows to his blog and stands up to give it a seat on a crowded crosstown bus.

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Patrick Madrid said...

Wow. Shelley, what a warmhearted welcome that was. I appreciate it. Thank you!