Friday, February 13, 2009

Update from Kiersi's World

The four of us -- Meelyn, Aisling, Kiersi and I -- went out to the grocery to buy the stuff for tonight's dinner (plus a little Valentine's gift for my husband, sshhhh!), which is going to be a favorite of Kieren's and Daydie's: marinated chicken cooked in strips on the stove top, served with Alfredo sauce on farfalle pasta, plus chicken parmesan for my husband, fresh-baked bread and frosted brownies. This is my Valentine's Day present to my family and I'm so glad I'm not superstitious so that the fact that I'm cooking all of this on Friday the 13th won't make me worry that I'm going to scorch the Alfredo and serve the chicken and the bread raw and gummy.

It's a sunny day outside and every time the sun shone in Kiersi's eyes, she would growl "Stoppit! Go 'way!!" fiercely and put her hand up to shade her face. "There!" she said triumphantly as I swung the van into a parking place. "I runned away from it!"

She willingly allowed her small self to be placed in the seat of the shopping cart, and from that perch, she directed our shopping. She indicated a desire for me to purchase several dozen different cakes and cupcakes decorated garishly for Valentine's Day (denied), a packet of string cheese (approved), some cartons of yogurt (denied, because we already have some at home), a box of Barbie Princess Valentine cards (approved) and a stick of Secret deodorant (denied.)

Kiersi indicated her enthusiastic approval of:

1) candy, all kinds

2) fried chicken

3) Meelyn pushing the cart, and

4) chocolate milk

She let us know in a really loud voice her distaste for Lunchables: "I HAAAAAATE THAT!" and, to my surprise, macaroni and cheese.

Right now, she's sitting at the dining room table between me and Meelyn, coloring with markers. Although she has talked brightly and cheerfully all day, her sentences seem to be coming more slowly. I have a feeling she's going to visit our old friends Wynken, Blynken and Nod when we get in the van half an hour from now to go pick up the boys.

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