Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Snow foolin'

Today we had one to two inches of snow forecasted for our little cozy nook of Indiana, but somehow, somewhere, things got a little confused. I'm thinking that some emails and voicemails and maybe some faxes between Mother Nature and the National Weather Service got lost in transit, because our total snow accumulation was SIX more inches on top of the eight million we already have.

Kieren and Dayden got out of school early today and the salt trucks here in town were rumbling by at a brisk pace, trying to keep the ratio of messy roads to city traffic fairly even. My husband, in going out to the Blazer this morning, hit an icy patch covered by fluffy, innocent-looking snow and slid halfway underneath the vehicle, injuring his bottom and his pride.

The girls and I stayed completely inside today, grimly ripping one more pastel link off that countdown-to-spring paper chain draped over the china cabinet. I stood at the front window like Jane Eyre, a blanket thrown around my shoulders like a shawl, and watched a snow plow push an enormous pile of freshly-fallen snow onto the sidewalks my husband worked so hard on Sunday afternoon to clear.

And yet Kayte has had some robins in her trees! Poor little things. It occurs to me that I have tracked down the source of the problem, though: It's all Mother Nature's fault. She is not communicating well either with our feathered friends OR with the NWS. She's a cranky, irresponsible old bat, she is.

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