Friday, February 13, 2009

Kiersi all aglow

Today, Meelyn and Aisling and I are delighted to be taking care of Kiersi for the day. Pat dropped her off at 8:00 and we're going to enjoy the day with her and then go pick up Dayden and Kieren at school this afternoon. They're all going to stay this evening while Pat and Angie go out for a Valentine's dinner.

I'd forgotten how fun it is to have a just-turned-three around the house. Kiersi is very entertaining, with her big blue eyes shining as she smiles mischievously from under her bangs. It's only 9:00 and she's already made us laugh about a hundred times for doing things like:

1. Chasing Hershey around and around the dining room table after announcing determinedly, "I'm gonna hug him's head." (Hershey nicely allowed about seven thousand hugs and kisses, and then declined to be hugged anymore. Right now, hims....I mean, peering out from under the dining room table, panting in a jolly fashion and keeping a wary eye out for sneaky huggers who are small enough to get under the table with him.)

2. Demonstrating how far she can stick out her tongue. (A little spit dribbled on her shirt, which made her laugh really hard, which made more spit come out, which made me glad she has an extra shirt in her bag.)

3. Coming up to me and saying in a confiding manner, "Aunt Sheldy, I hafta go poopy" and then announcing, after a few minutes on the potty, "I done now! Wipe my bottom! Look at my big poop!" (I have to say, it was an admirable output for one so small.)

4. Removing her shoes and socks and smelling her socks, remarking off-handedly, "Ffffssshhhewww! My feets tink!" (I'm not one to gossip, but I think she must have gotten that from her dad.)


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